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​STEVE PERKINS is a writer-director-producer and his recent feature film Dead Mom Card is now available on Amazon Prime. His film and video works have screened theatrically, been broadcast on PBS, and received awards at a number of festivals. Commissions, performances, and presentations have taken him to India, China, Istanbul, and Thailand, where he had his first international exhibition in Bangkok during 2007.  In 2008, he traveled to Taiwan where he was the only non-Asian selected to participate in the first Fusing International Biennale: “Asia, Post-Colonial, and Contemporary Arts.”

Teaching has played a major part in his career to include positions as graduate advisor in video design and technology at The New School, an adjunct professor of communications at Bronx Community College, and most recently as a mentor for the Willamette University Theatre Department. He taught film history and production for four summers with the program Genesis @ Brandeis University. 


Steve earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting/ Directing (Honors) from the Film Division at Columbia University.  His undergraduate studies include an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Arts (Honors) from San José State University, and an Associate of Arts degree in Film (Honors) from DeAnza College. Steve’s wry look at men and masculinity titled a man ought to know that . . . is in the permanent collection of artists’ books at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Perkins' production company, ORIGINALMIND, is inspired by the Buddhist concept of non-judgment—without attachment, with fresh eyes—with an innocence often referred to as beginner’s mind. A Portland, Oregon, dad who cooks and makes art, Steve plays well with others, and thrives in the collaborative spirit of putting people together in a room to make cool stuff. Interdisciplinary in practice and training, his openness to discovery, rather than his ego, drives the creative process.

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