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Dead Mom Card

a black comedy about white privilege

Death is a way of life at Houlihan's Funeral Home until a change in ownership uncovers links between privilege and entitlement in its buried legacy.

Three funeral home employees—a Black man, a white woman, and a bi-racial gay man—must sort out who is in charge, and why, when the sudden death of the owner throws their lives in disarray. Their daily struggles encompass misogyny, racism, homophobia, and implicit bias. Along the way, they encounter the profane, the childishly ridiculous, and many different forms of grieving.

a feature-length film about opportunity, ownership and community

107 minutes, color, stereo or 5.1 sound

Here is a 7 minute sequence from approx. the middle of the film.     password: DMCminusRun

(left to right): actors Chris Burnett, Lisa Sorenson, and Lester Neal

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